“The Moment That He Said That His Hands Was Moving Involuntarily That Was The Moment That We Called For An Ambulance” – Fit And Healthy 32 Year Old NHS Dr. Stephen Wright Dies 10 Days Following AstraZenica COVID-19 Injection

Story covered by Dr. John Campbell.

Stephen Wright, (south-east London), died 10 days after his first AZ dose in January 2021

“unintended complications of the vaccine”, an inquest has ruled.

London Inner South Coroner’s Court, Senior coroner Andrew Harris found

Mrs Charlotte Wright

Trying to get the “natural causes” wording changed

Brain-stem infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, “vaccine-induced thrombosis”

“It was made clear that Stephen was [previously] fit and healthy and that his death was by vaccination of AstraZeneca.

For us, it allows us to be able to continue our litigation against AstraZeneca. This is the written proof.”

“Even with people in my life, there were questions and queries about whether I was actually telling the truth so, two years later, I can finally say it is the truth.”

“It provides relief but it doesn’t provide closure. I think we’re only going to get that when we have an answer from AstraZeneca and the government.”

Mrs Wright, received £120,000, government’s Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme (VDPS) in August

Up to 21 March

63 out of 4,178 claims paid
From May 2021

AZ jab no longer offered to adults under 40