Klaus Schwab WEF: The Fourth Industrial Revolution “It will change actually, us, our own identity”

Here’s Klause Schwab Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), which has meetings of global leaders at Davos, Switzerland each year, himself talking about their plans for the world (whether you like it or not), in what he describes as ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’.

Klaus Schwab has become infamous for his statement:

“You will own nothing and be happy”

You can bet however that he and his cronies will be happy no matter what happens to the rest of the global population.

“It will change actually, us, our own identity”

“Everything will be integrated into a Echo System”

“This revolution will come at race taking speed. It will be like a tsuami”

“It’s not just a digital revolution, it’s digital, of course physical with Nano-Technlogy, but it’s also Biological”