Government Military Media: Televised ‘False Flag Attack’ Orchestrated To Discredit Peaceful Freedom Protesters (Note That The Paid ‘Antifa Operatives’ Are Often Dressed in Black with Face Covering To Hide Their Identity)

Notice that the ‘Paid Antifa Operatives’ are always dressed in black and they always wear face coverings (often with a hoodie) to hide their identity! And note that the freedom protesters at these events do not normally wear masks or any other face coverings! That is the domain of the Antifa Operatives!

It is well reported that George Soros is behind the Paid Antifa Operatives which were also responsible for many of the outbreaks that occurred in many of the Trump Rallies. They are usually quite easy to spot. As explained above, they are normally dresses in black wearing face coverings and often wearing hoodies to hide their identities.