Hospital COVID Treatment Protocols: Pre-Meditated Murder? Remdesivir – “Proven to cause acute kidney failure, multi-organ failure… kills heart muscle cells” – Dr Bryan Ardis

It appears that if you are suspected of having COVID, the hospital might be the worse place to be!

Speaking of Remdesivir: “From day one I’ve been making the world aware that this drug is proven to cause kidney failure, multiple organ failure and now we have confirmation that it kills heart cells …” Dr Bryan Ardis

Speaking of hospital treatments: “They’re denying nourishment, food. I mean, how basic is it to common sense and rationale that we need food and water in order to survive. We need food and water in order to heal… Yeah, in order to live, and now they’re denying rights to food and nourishment in all of these hospitals around the country to speed up their death. And I’m gonna tell you why this is horrific and how I know personally they’re doing this. This is exactly what they denied to my own father in law in early February 2020. And it wasn’t even a COVID protocol, it was a flu protocol and they denied him rights to have any nourishment or food for 7 days, before they killed him on morphine, with a morphine drip. That’s what they’re doing with patients right now, they;re using sedatives in hospitals right now to inter-bate and vent these patients with Remdesivir on day one!

So, they pump them full of Remdesivir which shuts down their kidneys and they put them on a vent and they use sedatives like Fentanyl, Midazolam, Brazepam which suppress your body’s ability to breathe and take in oxygen. Then they deny them food. And we have patients advocates working directly with our team to actually help patients in all 50 states and in Canada it’s all the same story over and over. We’re denying them food which is going to cause them to actually starve to death, and then we’re going to pump them full of a drug Remdesivir to shut down their kidney, stop their hearts from beating and then over sedate them, under the guise that we’re suppressing agitation as we vent them. And it’s all a disgusting way to kill them.

And Stew, why are they doing it?

Every hospital in America is being incentivized by our federal government to actually give a PCR test to 100% of all people that walks through the doors of a hospital, 2 to actually give a positive COVID-19 diagnosis regardless of why they come in! Then they’ll get an added bonus for a percentage of patients that walk through their doors every month if they can report positive COVID-19 diagnosies. WHich is deplorable and Medicare, currently is giving a 20% bonus just if doctors and hospitals will put down a positive COVID-19 case diagnosis.”