Money And Murder in Hospitals! The Hospital Kill Protocol With Killer Drug Remdesivir

The Fall of The Cabal Series – Part 22

Hospitals in the US received $13,000 for every patient admitted as a COVID patient as tested using the fake PCR test which when labs were using amplification cycles of up to 45 which is known to produce an enormous level of FALSE POSITIVES! Hospitals also received financial extras such as $39,000 if a patient was placed on a mechanical ventilator (which itself results in a reported 80% to 90% chance of death), an extra 20% bonus if a patient was administered the killer drug Remdesivir (usually via IV), plus an additional $13,000 bonus if the patient died with COVID-19 stated on their death certificate!

This along with the money hospitals were being incentivised with, mean that patients were being put on a protocol, which according to some whistle blower hospital nurses and doctors, often included providing no nutrition resultining in starvation and de-hydration of the patient whilst being drugged up with the deadly drug Remdesivir. During this time of course, these patients were NOT allowed visitors from any family member.

According to some sources, Attorney Thomas Rens and CMS (Centers For Medicare & Medicaid Services) whistle blowers, reports the documentary, the hospital recived a whopping $100,000 for each COVID-19 deaths if the specified protocol was followed!