Speaking of Big Pharma: “Ultimately We Have A Psychopatic Entity Influencing Health Policy … Their Primary Responsibility Is To Produce Profit For Their Shareholders, Not To Give You The Best Treatment” Dr. Aseem Malhotra – NHS Cardiologist

“What I would like to say is you need to understand that the current system is encouraging good people to do bad things. At the root of this problem are big very powerful corporations that have too much influence on government, on heathcare, on media, and their primary responsibility is to produce profit for their shareholders, not to give you the best treatment. And when you understand that, then we can start doing something to transform the system. I don’t say this lightly, it’s been well documented that these corporations unfortunately and the way that they go about their business by misleading people, by their business model being fraudulent, they act like psychopaths. They are a psychopatic entity and we have untilmately the conslusion is that we have psychopatic entity influencing health policy and that needs to stop now!”

Speaking of Pfizer’s Trial, “there were four cardiac arrest in the vaccine group verses one in the placebo, when you put it all together it makes a very strong case that there is a clear link between this particular vaccine and increasing cardiac risk. We now know that it causes myocarditis in probably up to one in 2700 people, which is inflamation of the heart muscle. We know there’s a signal for cardiac arrest. Recent data from Israel published in Nature Report shows in the ages of people aged between 16 and 39, there was a 25% increase in either heart attacks or cardiac arrests, NOT linked to Covie but absolutely linked to the vaccines, the mRNA vaccines …”

“So, as far as I’m concerned, the evidence is overwelming, this vaccines does have a strong link with increasing cardiac arrest risk and cardiac death.”