Here’s A Selection of COVID Vaccine* Injuries & Deaths Which Are Being Totally Censored By The Cabal Owned Big Tech and Big Media! To Continued With This Madness Can Be Considered As Nothing But ‘Pr-Meditated Crimes Against Humanity’!

*The Injection is being referred to as a Vaccine on this site purely because that is what people recognize. However, the injections DO NOT fit the traditional definition of a vaccine and most of the astute independent doctors and scientist has a very different name for these dangerous injections.

If you take the time to look though these video reports, you will undoubtedly see a pattern of injuries like the uncontrollable shaking/convulsions. And this is what they are now pushing onto younger and younger children! There are also a huge many reports of injected folks just dropping (you can see some of these in the video clips). These scenes never occurred before the roll-out of the injections.

It is the considered opinion of the writer that the governments pushing these injections, knowing the injuries they are causing, are clearly committing treason. There simply is no excuse to for continuing to push these injections (especially on children).