RIP Haley: Healthy 28 Year Old Haley Died Unexpectedly Just 2 Days After Receiving the Moderna Experimental mRNA Vaccine!

Haley, 28, had just finished her PhD and got married in 2018. She died 2 days after receiving the Moderna experimental mRNA vaccine.

Haley’s tearful and grieving mother tells the story:

“The morning of January 21st was the beginning of the worst days of our lives. Haley received the Moderna Injection the morning of January 19. Her employer hosted the event, and Walgreens administered the injections. The elderly and healthcare workers were among the first to receive the injection. Haley and her immediate family thought she was doing the responsible thing. She worked with the elderly and she was a type 1 diabetic.

We were told, as all of us were told that this vaccine was safe and effective. No more mask and no more chance of getting sick.

The CDC guidelines were, if they haven’t changed them again to fit their narrative, that those with underline health issues such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes should get the injection. However in the same paragraph, the CDC says, the safety of this injection is not yet known for those with auto-immune disorders. Well folks, guess what, that paragraph is an oxymoron. Diabetes is an underlying health condition as well as an auto-immune disorder. I do not know if Haley was given the opportunity for informed consent.

On January 20th the day after her first injection Haley woke up 6.30 in the morning nauseated and vomiting. This continued all day according to her husband. She knew her body and she knew she had to drink replacement electrolytes and she had been doing that all day. As the evening progressed, her husband offered to take her to the ER but she though she just felt bad from the injection and could sleep off the discomfort. She stayed in the bathroom because of the vomiting and he kissed her and went to bed at 11pm. The Coroner put her time of death as between 1am and 2. Evan found her at 6.30 that morning.”

“I personally think the Moderna injection caused the abrupt death….”

“Now our government is trying to bully citizens and take this injection segregating those vaxxed and unvaxxed and illegally mandating these injections. We can’t let this happen, we just can’t. Instead of the government mandating injections the government needs to be banning these injections.

Five Scandinavian counties have halted vaccines for those under the age of 30 because of Myocarditis and Pericarditis events…”