EXPOSED: The Heavily Incentivised Hospital KILL Protocol! The Use of The Deadly Drug Remdesivir, Mechanical Ventilators and More!

Remdesirvir is a drug, which is usually administered intraveniouly, was used during an Ebola trial that had to be stopped becuase the drug was reportedly found to be killing some 50% of the patients!

This is the killer drug (reportedly costing some $3,000 per 5 day course) which hospitals have been heavily incentivised to administer to patients admitted to hospital who have tested positive using a PCR Test. PCR Tests, according to the inventor as well as to written government documents, cannot defnititively diagnose a disease, yet it was being used more or less as a definitive test to place patients on the said killer protocol!

In addition, mechanical ventilators are reportedly known to kill up to 90% of those ventilated. These are part of the protocols which many hositals in the USA were and probably continued to be heavily financially incentivised to use! And in fact this very same protocl was also in use in hospitals across other countries including the UK.

Interestingly in the USA, reportedly, over 333,000 healthcare workers left their jobs in 2021!!! In other sections of this website (under the Nurse/Doctor/Scientist section of the Healthcare drop down menu), you can see videos of healthcare works that have resigned their jobs because they could not go along with the lies, the mal practice and and the coercion which was taking place.