“Two Years Ago I found Out That Our Prescription Drugs Are The Third Leading Cause Of Death After Heart Disease And Cancer, Our Drugs Kill Around 200,000 People In America Every Year … Big Pharma Has Corrupted Healthcare” – Dr Peter Gøtzsche

Peter Gøtzsche, MD is a director of the Nordic Cochrane Center in Copenhagen and professor of research design and analysis at the University of Copenhagen.

“Two years ago I found out that our prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer. Our drugs kill around 200,000 people in America every year and half of these people die while they do what their doctors tell them. So they die because of the side effects.

The other half die because of errors and it’s often the doctors that make the errors because any drug may come with 20, 30 or 40 warnings, contraindications, precautions and so on. No doctor in the world knows about all this. So, they give patients drugs that they should not have given them that interact dangerously with other drugs and food items and so, and then the patients die and that’s the other half.

The other thing I found out two years ago was that much of what the drug industry does fulfills the criteria for organized crime in US law and they behave in many ways like the Mafia does. They corrupt everyone they can corrupt, they have bought every type of person, even including ministers of health in some countries. There is a huge amount of corruption. In my country for example, Denmark, we re regarded as having very little corruption, but yet we have thousands of doctors on industry payroll, although we are just 20,000 doctors. So this is an effective kind of corruption.

The drug industry buys the professors firsts, then chiefs of departments, then other chief positions and so on, they don’t buy junior doctors. So when several thousands are on industry payroll it’s really really bad … ” – Dr Peter Gøtzsche