Dr. Derek Knauss is a Clinical Lab Scientist in California – “How Come No One In Any Lab World Wide Has Ever Isolated And Purified This Virus In It’s Entirety? … Stanford, Cornell And A Few Of The Universitie’s California Labs … Found The Same Results As We Did! … Influenza A & B, No COVID! The Virus COVID-19 does not exist!”

“I’m a clinical lab scientist and have tested 1500 supposed positive COVID-19 samples collected here in Southern California. When my lab team and I did the testing through Koch’s Postulates and observation under a scanning electron microscope, we found no COVID in any of the 1500 samples. What we found was that all of the 1500 samples were mostly Influenza A and some was Influenza B but not a single case of COVID.

We did not use the BS PCR Test, Polymerase Chain Reaction Test. … We then sent the remainder of the samples to Stanford, Cornell and a few of the Universities California Labs and they found the same results as we did. No COVID! They found Influenza A and B. All of us then spoke to the CDC and asked for viable samples of COVID which the CDC said they could not provide as they did not have any samples.

We have now come to the firm conclusion through all our research and lab work that the COVID-19 was imaginary and fictitious. The flu was called COVID and most of the 225,000 dead were dead were dead through commodities such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, heart disease emphysema etc, then they got the flu which further weakened their immune systems and they died. I’ve yet to find a single viable sample of COVID-19 to work with.

We at the 7 Universities that did the lab tests on these 1500 samples are suing the CDC for COVID-19 FRAUD! The CDC has yet to send us a single viable isolated and purified sample of COVID-19. If they can’t or won’t send us a viable sample, I say there is no COVID-19, it is fictitious!

The four research papers that do describe the genomic extracts of the COVID-19 virus never were successful in isolating and purifying the samples.

All the four papers written on COVID-19 only describes small bits of RNA which were only 37 to 40 base pairs long which is NOT A VIRUS! A viral genome is typically 30,000 to 40,000 base pairs, with, as bad as COVID was supposed to be all over the place, how come no one in any lab world wide has ever isolated and purified this virus in it’s entirety. Because there never really was, they never really found the virus! All they’d ever found was small pieces of RNA which were never identified as the virus anyway. So, what we’re dealing with is just another flu strain which every year and COVID-19 doe not exist and is fictitious!”
– Dr. Derek Knauss, Clinical Lab Scientist.