The 3 Biggest LIES About Ukraine | Glenn TV

Glenn TV | Ep 303

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy directed his committees to open an impeachment inquiry into President Biden. He claimed that “bank records show that nearly 20 million dollars in payments were directed to the Biden family members and associates through various shell companies.” And a lot of that money is connected to a random Eastern European country that until recently, you probably couldn’t find on a map: Ukraine. Of course, now, the media can’t shut up about Ukraine — a country that was once plagued with corruption, elected a comedian as president, seemingly fixed its corruption problem overnight, and also became a poster child for democracy! But then, Russia INVADED for no apparent reason. And now, the only hope Ukraine and the world have is YOUR tax dollars. But what if everything you’ve been told about Ukraine is a lie? Glenn exposes why Washington elites are REALLY interested in this war.

It’s not about “democracy.” It’s not about stopping future wars. And it’s DEFINITELY not about helping our trustworthy allies in the Ukrainian government. These lies have consequences, as Glenn reveals how your tax dollars have been funding a government whose corruption goes straight up to Zelensky himself …
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