“We’ve Lost 32,000 People from the Vaccines … We Stopped Swine Flu When the First 26 Died!” – Dr. Richard Fleming PhD, MD, JD

‘Accountability & Justice For Crimes Against Humanity’ – Mel K Interviews Dr. Richard Fleming PhD, MD, JD – Novermber 30th 2022.

“I want to know where the righteous indination is for the people who have died and the people who have been maimed and harmed as a result of these people developing biological weapons that are in voilation of the Biological Weapons Convention Treaty that we signed in 1975 and said we would not make and we would destroy and we would destroy anybody else’s biological weapons that we found and we would share our technologies.” – Dr. Richard Fleming.

“The reality is, if we want this to stop, we the people have to stand up and demand, just like every other society has done in the history of mankind. … I’m not sure if people really get the severity of what has happened.”

AMERICANS Can Now Submit their Letter for Indictments for Crimes Against America and Crimes Against Humanity. For more information, please visit The 10 Letters Campaign Website at:

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