“I Can No Longer Be Part of The LIES … The Hospitals Arn’t Full, Beds Aren’t Full … I Have Seen Tramatic Injuries From The Vaccine … They Are Not Being Reported” – NHS Nurse Resigns During The So Called ‘Pandemic’

NHS Nurse: “I resigned from my permanent posts about 5 weeks ago. I could no longer be part of the lies and the corruption by the government, not by the NHS, I mean, I’ve absolutely loved working there and working with amazing teams, amazing nurses, amazing nurses. The hospitals aren’t full, the beds aren’t full, beds have been shut, wards have been shut.

Very little people have passed and I’m so sorry to every person that have passed due to illness, the coronavirus, my family has lost two people, one deemed questionable about COVID on their death certificate. I’ve been trying to speak out, I’ve been writing letters to the government, I’ve spoke out to Unisen, I have questioned everything that’s been going on for a long period of time. Vaccine roll-out, vaccine injury.

Realizing that it’s an experimental agent that’s gonna keep going because they need to actually use the lock-downs, it’s an emergency medicine, so they have to keep the lock-downs going to make sure that people are getting vaccinated, there’s no emergencies, the hospitals are not busy, they never have been.

We’ve not seen flu, we always see flu every year and it’s so sad because people die. People die and lose their lives, we are born to die, we’re born with disease, there’s viruses. Lockdown is affecting people more than this virus ever has, ever. There’s so many of us trying to speak out, there’s so many of the colleagues that I’ve worked with, they’re scared, they’re scared of losing their jobs, that’s what’s going on.

I’m now unemployed, I’ll start looking for a job. I’ve been trying so hard, so hard to reach out. I was on my own for a long period of time and everyone that I now speak to states that they felt so alone, so scared. I’m not, I’m not doing it any more. My colleagues, they don’t want to be part of it either, they don’t want to be part of it either.

I honestly don’t know what else is going to stop this because the vaccine roll-out is going to be hurting into our children. I have seen traumatic injuries from the vaccines, they’re not getting reported to the Yellow Card Scheme. They’re treating the symptoms, not asking why, why it’s happening, it’s just treating the symptoms and when you speak about it you’re dismissed like you’re crazy. I’m not crazy, I’m not crazy because every other colleague I’ve spoke to is terrified to speak out.

They’ve had enough, they’ve had enough of the mask wearing. My head is splitting every shift from wearing a mask in a ward with six, six patients. I’m looking after six patients sometimes. I’m doing bank work, so I’ve been going around all the wards, and I can see in every ward they’re treating this pandemic different. They’ve got beds shut in some wards and not in others, and then Nicola Sturgeon is on the television saying the hospital, save the NHS but the beds are empty. Guys this is not what it seems, so please, please, please, listen.

Nurses and doctors, pharmacists, paramedics, NHS 111, 24 workers, the doctors, GPs, OTs, alternative medicine, these people are coming forward and we are all going to speak out. We are all going to speak out, we’re going to speak the truth. And I’m sorry that the government has influenced you by the control of social media, control of mainstream media, and you’ve haven’t listened. This is it now, it stops now, the lies stop now. I have to speak out, my kids!”

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