CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE COVID-19 VIRUS IS MAN MADE! “They Did A Great Job Designing This!” In addition, Dr Richard Fleming PhD/MD/jD Shows The HIV Inserts To The S Spike Protein!

“This work comes from Luke Montagnier. Dr. Montagnier is the premier virologist in Paris France. Dr. Montagnier gor the Nobel Prize for identifying HIV. So if there’s anybody on planet earth who out to be able to tell you that HIV exists in this spike protein, that’s the man! … Dr. Montagnier identified 18 RNA fragments that match HIV and SIV, this is Simian or monkey grade deficiency virus … It’s like the funding, it’s not just one, it’s not just a little, its a lot!” – Dr. Robert Fleming PhD/MD/jD.

“Now you’ve heard of the Ace Two receptor, cookies top shelf, OK. It takes 4 receptors for this virus to get into you. STEP 1, ACE2 receptor, right here. SEP 2, TMPRSS2, transmembrane protein series 2.

You wanna know why BLACK PEOPLE get more infected than non-black people?

It’s because they have more TMPRSS2 receptors in their nose, OK, that’s right here! Third step, the Furin Cleavage Site, that’s PRRA Furin Cleavage site, that’s is right here! And STEP 4 is Neuropilin 1 which helps t get into the brain.” – Dr. Robert Fleming PhD/MD/jD.

“They did a great job of designing this, but when you have science on your side you can find where these things are and find the exact numbers and compare them.” – Dr. Robert Fleming PhD/MD/jD.

“PRRA is essential to infecting human cells, it’s the Furin Cleavage Site and guess who owns the patent for the insertion of enzymes related to the Furin Cleavage Site, that’s the insertion of it! Its US! The US Government, NIH, and it owns it because it paid for it! And what’s it useful for? Its useful for HIV, to gykoprotein 120 and tumor progression because this virus also shuts down the p53 system, which we’re not going to talk, except that the p53 protects you from cancer and this virus helps shut it down!” – Dr. Robert Fleming PhD/MD/jD.