Examples Of How The Mainstream Media Is Being Used To Manipulate And to Shape Your Belief System. Please Observe The Weather Report Dates, The Temperatures And The Imagery Being Used To Depict The Displayed Temperatures

1. Look at the weather report of 06/2017* shown in the upper left image and the temperatures reported back then. Note that the main map is depicted in green as would normally be the case. Please see the link to the UK Met Office website below for verification of these temperatures.

2. Now look at the 06/2022 weather report, shown in the lower left image! The temperatures are actually lower than the 06/2017 temperatures but the map is being depicted in RED (the intention is likely to depict danger in your unconscious psychie when the temperatures shown are really not out of the ordinary)!

You will likely have been seeing these weather reports yourself by the mainstream media, but did you realise that these images were being used to deceived you in this way?

At a psychological level this is intended to create alarm and fear in the population. Couple this with the constant bombardment of the public over a number of years of global warming without providing any credible evidence to substantiate those claims.

Here is a link to the UK Met Office which shows that the temperatures around June 2017 in the UK was in a similar range to those shown across Europe in the above screenshot. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/binaries/content/assets/metofficegovuk/pdf/weather/learn-about/uk-past-events/interesting/2017/hot-spell-june-2017—met-office.pdf