Romanian MEP Cristian Terheș: ”We are witnessing right now the Chinafication of Europe”


The Global Agenda is to create a One World Government which historically was being referred to as the “New World Order” but more recently is being referred to as “The Great Reset”. This One World Government will end up being worse than Communist China! We have heard Klaus Schwab, the founder and CEO of The World Economic Forum (WEF), on video stating “You will own nothing and be happy”.

Every person remaining* on earth will be assigned a digital ID (which will likely e linked to an RFID chip in the hand or something similar), which will be linked to a central global database (probably using Microsoft’s ID 2020). This database will store just about everything about every living person on earth! There will be a one world digital currency and your digital wallet will be linked to your digital ID.

A Social Credit system will be implemented (as in China) in which each person’s every movement will be monitored and surveil. Credits will be awarded to each person based upon their behavior.