Exposing the Global “Great Reset” & the Biden Corruption in Ukraine – Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

“It’s now the moment to open our eyes, to wake up, and to understand what has happened and what is happening. It is the moment to act.”

“The threat of a third world war is working on all of us. We are told that president Putin invaded Ukraine to support his expansionist ambitions, but in reality the main purpose of Russia’s military operation is to prevent the aggression of the deep state and NATO. Putin is fighting against the same globalist elite that hold us all hostage.”

“On March 6th, the Russian ambassador to United Nation denounced what you have been advocating for 2 years. He declared that Donald Trump is the legitimate president of the United States and that the election was falsified with the complicity of European Nations using the Dominion Apparatus. And we know that in order to advance the Agenda of the Great Rest, it was necessary to get rid of Trump who would never have allowed either the pandemic farce or the escalation of the Russian Ukrainian crisis.”

“This is not a war on the Ukrainian people. It is not the Ukrainian people who are persecuting their Russian brothers, but a puppet government supported by a Neo-Natzi military militias, a corrupt government designed by the globalist cabal which today finds itself with a cocaine addicted president, a former actor and dancer who hides billions in tax havens while the Ukrainian people is among the poorest in Europe. It is not a war of the Russian people. For years the Russian Federation has been demanding respect for the Russian speaking minority. But the International Community has always turned the other way.”

“Its is not a war of the European Nations. It is the leaders of The European Union who want a conflict in order to justify implementing ‘The Great Reset’ and imposing a dictatorial regime made up of limitations on freedoms and impoverishment of the population. The elimination was more businesses, the imposition of an inhuman and technocratic model of life and the cancellation of the identity of nations, their history and their religion.”

“It is not a war of the United States. The Americans fought against Nazism and it is scandalous that today Biden is helping a government that supports and collaborates with the extremist groups that hoist the swastika and propagates Nazi ideas. It is the deep state with it’s servants now infiltrated into our institutions that wants war in order to extend it’s dominion over the whole world, under the pretext of supporting democracy. While in reality it is the link in only selling weapons, enriching itself and appropriating the resources of the invaded countries, sowing destruction and death.”

“We should not be surprised to learn that on January 6th 2021, at the Capital in DC there were members of the Asor battalion present. The enemies of the state has no qualms about aligning themselves with war criminals so as to blame their political opponents and to accuse President Trump of insurrection. This fact alone should be enough to understand their subversive project and their intention to stop at nothing to achieve it.”

“Behind this war there is the desire to destroy the International balance to force European nations to impose sanctions on Russia that mainly affect Europe in perfect harmony with the aims of The Great Rest. The destruction of the economy of the nations that depends on Russian gas and raw materials with the intent to force them to supply them from the USA in quantities much lower than their needs and at a much higher price. But above all, it intends to subject them and then misled them, as the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland admitted some time ago.”

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò