“So, When You Go To Your GP, Unless They Want to Risk Losing Their License, They CANNOT Say to You What They Actually Think! – Australian Health Professional Blows Whistle on GAG ORDER Sent to Every Health Care Professional!

“So, when you go to your GP, unless they want to risk losing their license, they CANNOT say to you what they actually think! Every Australian health professional in this country received a letter from the AHPRA, the Australian Health Professional Regulations Agency, stating that we must not say anything to any of our patients that might go against the government vaccination campaign!” – Australian Health Professional

It is understood that a similar gag order has been made by most of the world’s health authorities forbidding them from making any statements against the COVID-19 vaccination campaign (under the threat of losing their license).

These health authorities have been captured over a period of a great many decades. They DO NOT represent the people! They work for the global Corporations and the New World Order.

Check out this documentary for information on how how powerful the Global Corporations have become and to get an idea on how much control they have! https://thegreatdeception.is/deep-state/who-owns-the-world/