California Loses Half A Million Acres Of Farmland! – Crime Against HUMANITY

Josh Sigurdson reports on the collapse of the food supply as half a million acres of farmland in California are left unplanted due to drought, climate regulations, inflation and supply chain issues that have snowballed.

It seems unplanted farmland double every year. It is also interesting knowing that Bill Gates is buying out massive amounts of farmland and leaving it vacant.

This is pushing people into dependence and therefor compliance with the state as grocery store shelves run dry. At the same time in California, 70,000 trucks have been kicked off the highways in the middle of this supply chain crisis due to a new gig law.
On top of this, the climate regulations are absolutely destroying the supply chain and leaving farmers broke on top of the already existing supply and inflation problems.

California electric companies are admitting that they will never be able to charge all of the electric cars as combustible engines are banned by 2035 in California. That’s the plan though. That’s why the Great Reset’s carbon credits come in handy.

Meanwhile, gas bills are skyrocketing worldwide.

– Josh Signrdson