“A Whole New Type of Revolution” is Needed to Defeat the Transhumanist Agenda – Laura Aboli

“It is a chaos by design. The system as we know it has been bankrupted, and they need to pretty much collapse it in order to bring their “Great Reset”—as they’ve called it,” explained Laura Aboli at General Assembly #65.

When Klaus Schwab is talking about an “industrial revolution” that will “change” you, “what he’s talking about, of course, is transhumanism,” Laura noted.

“They need to defile God’s creation as it were in order to fully control us, and they can only do that by transforming us. We are, at the end of the day, energetic beings. And as we know, energy cannot really be created nor destroyed. But it can be transformed,” she continued.

“I believe that what is required right now from all of us is to go back to the essence of what it is to be human. We have to remember who we are, why we’re here, where we came from ,and where we will go back to. I believe this is the only type of revolution that will get us to the place that we would like to be, that we would want the world to become.”

Watch Laura’s presentation in full:
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