“Big Pharma Is The Most Criminal Industry In History” – | Dr. Robert Yoho on Corruption in Healthcare | Covid Conversations III

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Big Pharma Criminal Fines amounts to $billions. “The three that have had over $2billion in payments are Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and Glaxo GlaxoSmithKline. It’s incredible. The settlements were for bribes, kick-backs and marketing drugs that they knew before hand killed people. Merck knowingly slaughtered over 50,000 people marketing a drug called Vioxx but they may money the year the settled the case.”

Big Pharma are known for bribing politicians and others…

“Fake studies and fake news reports has been Pharma’s standing operating procedures for decades. A recent study which we all know about is the marketing campaign against Ivermectin.”

Dr Robert Yoho