Exposing The Pandemic Lies: “The Treatment of Patients in Hospital Has Been Scandalous With Premature Inappropriate Mechanical Ventilation Which Is Very Dangerous … They Were Also Given Intravenous Drugs That Were Not Effective and Quite Dangerous Like Remdesivir And Around The World We Have Seen Inappropriate Use In Non-Terminal Patients of Midazolan And Morphine” – Dr Mike Yeadon former Vice President & Allergy & Respiratory Head of Pfizer

“If you find one thing your government has said which is clearly not true, I ask you this, why would you believe anything else they told you?

Don’t you think that retired ex Pfizer guy might have something after all? I beg of you to no longer assume what you’re being told is true. I can’t sweep away highly accurately done propaganda by people who are lying to you.

If you would like to stand behind the desk called comfortable lies, there’s absolutely nothing I can do to stop you! But if you would like to go to the desk called uncomfortable truths which is the one I’m sitting behind, then welcome.”

– Mike Yeadon Former Vice President, Allergy & Respiratory Head, Research, Pfizer Global R&D.